About Me

I build things for the web.

I am a UX Developer living in Arizona 🏜️. I build apps that users love. I also teach others to do the same at Thinkful and through my own courses. I have worked with major brands such as American Express, and U-Haul, as well with some smaller startups such as Level Up Tutorials. I have a passion for the web, so that is where my focus has been, although the platform has its warts, to me it feels like home. I was practically raised by the web, so being able to create on it has been a life long dream come true.

I tend to be found hanging around some of the cooler co-working spaces, or chilling at Lux as I work remotely. I speak at meetups, host workshops, and do corporate training so you might have seen me around town.

I started a consultancy jamstack.consulting to focus in on the type of work I like doing. Building client-side applications built in JavaScript. Currently, I have been really enjoying working with React, and more specifically Gatsby. Along with that, I am making a course platform to teach others how to use these tools. Check out jamstack.courses if that interests you.