About Me

I am a self-taught Software Developer with over 4 years experience working with major brands like American Express, CBS, and U-Haul. I dropped out of college in early 2015 after moving from Phoenix to Los Angeles. There I was introduced to a side of tech I had never known existed. I met a lot of young, confident, successful, self-taught developers and started to wonder if I could do this myself.

Since then my entire life has changed in a whirlwind of new opportunities and experiences, which is what drives me toward mentoring. I know there are a lot of people out there looking to make a change, and I want to help. Embarking on this adventure can be nerve racking with “The fear of missing out”, “The imposter syndrome”, and constantly reading articles about how method X is "dead". Sometimes it feels like nothing ever seems to work. But what many don’t realize is that this is normal, we all have been through it.

Currently, outside of mentoring for both Bloc and Thinkful, I am writing my first course on React. I recently left my full-time employment and have now supplemented my income with mentoring and freelance work. When I am not at the computer, I enjoy exploring the downtown area on my Trek Earl (the coolest fixie on the road), watching movies with my fiance and our dog, playing and making video games, indulging on craft beer, and working out at the gym.