Betting My Career On The JAMstack

My posting declined a bit around the start of the new year, but that has been because I have been pretty busy doing some things.. Those things are the topic of this blog post! In the past few months, I taught a bunch of people how to use Gatsby and Netlify at the Phoenix chapter of the JAMstack meetups, you can see if you have one in your city by visiting The JAMstack community page! I have also taken on a few clients and made their site using Gatsby! I even included NetlifyCMS with one so the client could update their own content, and doing so was so enjoyable I feel as if a long-awaited dream of mine is finally a reality. I have long wished to have a handoff experience for static sites that was good enough to base an entire agency around, and I feel as if that era has finally arrived.

So with that said I would like to announce a few things!

First, if you want a website or application built, and you want it to be fast, reliable, and most importantly, deliver a rock solid user experience, you should get in touch with me over at I am focusing specifically on clients open to the JAMstack, and will not be taking on projects that use a traditional CMS or a server side monolith. Going forward I think there is more than enough work to build an agency specializing in this type of work, and I really hope to build into something great.

Second, if you want to learn how to build websites and applications in this manner you are in luck! I am also working on and that is for you! The first course will be a thorough introduction to the most amazing web framework around Gatsby JS! You will put together a personal blog and portfolio that will load at the speed of light and leave jaws on the floor. Be sure to leave your email so I can notify you when that is available.

So as you can see, I have unified my efforts to have a single focus. The JAMstack! I am eager to teach you all about it in coming blog posts, courses, and products. I think the web is fundamentally changing, and I want to document my exploration of what I believe to be a better, more modern way of building for the web.

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